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First and foremost, Upward Mobility Academy (UMA) is a premiere educational organization dedicated to lifelong learning! Our staff of educational coaches, consultants, and tutors has a passion for quality education and motivational teaching.

Additionally, the UMA team boasts expert evaluators and trainers who employ dynamic, interactive concepts to foster and restore the joy and awe of learning—thus helping to re-engage and retain students. As experienced educators in public schools and college, our educational coaches and consultants are keenly aware of the local and global impacts a good education can have. Because of our experience in the classroom as well as through research, we have noticed some disturbing trends at the high school and college level regarding retention and active learning.

Overall it appears the average student is somewhat “allergic” to the educational process as opposed to being attracted to it. Consequently, scores of learners tend to exhibit what we refer to as the 3 A’s of Education-- Apathy, Animosity, and Ambivalence.

However, we believe our team has found the right antidote and methodology to motivate students to academic success. Thus UMA focuses on instilling the 3 E’s of EducationExcellence, Enthusiasm, and Endurance by making our customers more “receptive” to learning. Therefore we feel confident regarding our ability to motivate and empower students to be proficient learners passionate about education--guaranteed!

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