Restoring The Joy & Awe Of Lifelong Learning!

Effective teachers should be among the highest paid professionals in the world! Their role in any society is vital and irreplaceable. For most people, their favorite educator was the person who motivated them and made learning relevant--as well as exciting.

At Upward Mobility Academy (UMA), we are committed to instructional motivation strategies which enthuse and ignite young and adult learners alike. So if you are a student or have a student that has the potential--but lacks the passion for excellence, let us help. With that said, UMA's primary goal is to develop life-long learners capable of succeeding in college, the workforce, and in society as a whole. 

Why is this goal so important? As a nation, we have to effectively address some severe challenges occurring in our American educational system as noted in the discussion below.


Every 11 seconds a child drops out of an American school. That is roughly 7,000 students a day and 1.3 million annually. According to former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell, "It is not just a crisis, it is a catastrophe."

Consequently, an enduring remedy must be developed and instituted to reverse this startling epidemic. Thus our UMA staff seeks to aid in combatting this American crisis.


UMA is a stellar education and training company--committed to restoring the joy and awe of teaching and learning. Our primary focus centers on motivating and empowering students to be receptive, curious learners--regardless of age. Therefore our educational coaches and tutors consistently strive to provide customized instructions to individuals and businesses alike to ensure educational success.

“Promoting Educational Excellence, Enthusiasm, & Endurance (E3)!”